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an icontest for all movies

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A weekly icontest for movies!
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Icon challenges about movies

A weekly icontest for all movies
Welcome to moviefilmstills, an icontest for any and all movies! Hollywood blockbusters, cult classics, animated, foreign language films, and many more! Basically, if it's a movie, you can icon it here.
Icon makers/designers of all levels are welcome to join and participate.
Please read the rules below before entering.


  • You may submit a total of five (5) icons per challenge (special challenges not included).
  • Icons must fit the Live Journal standards: No bigger than 100x100 pixels, 40 KB, in either PNG, JPG or GIF format.
  • Icon must be made by yourself for the challenges.
  • Icons or other graphics entered must be original (new and not previously posted) and made by yourself for moviefilmstills. The icons should not have been posted anywhere else in the past (unless otherwise noted).
  • Animations will not be allowed (unless noted otherwise).
  • Specific rules may vary for challenges and will be noted in the challenge posts, but the above rules will always apply.
  • If all the rules stated above are not followed the icon will be disqualified and/or you will be asked to modify your entries.

How to Enter:

  • You must be a member of the community to enter (make a post)!
  • Make sure to host your images on a server that allows hot-linking. Free sites like Photobucket.com, imgbox.com or Imgur.com are recommended if you don't have your own website. If your icon doesn't show up the mod will leave a comment and if you don't fix it, the icons cannot be in the contest.
  • Enter by making a new post to the community with your icons with the images & links as shown below.
  • Also include the title of the films you have used in your icons.
  • Please include the IMG SRC and the direct link URL form (see example below).


Voting and Results:

  • You'll be able to vote for a certain number of icons in a poll to determine the challenge winners.
  • Voting will be weighted unless otherwise stated. The item with the most points overall wins first place and so on.
  • Anyone can vote, but please don't ask people to vote for your icons. This is considered cheating.
  • You also can't vote for your own icons. If you do, your entries will be disqualified.
  • If there are enough entrants, one icon from each challenge will receive a Mod's Choice award.
  • Special categories such as 'Best Color' will also be voted on.

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This page was last updated September 4th, 2016.
Your current active moderators are magical_sid (lead actor & director mod) and luminousdaze (comedy sidekick mod).

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