Star Wars

Poll for Challenge 170

Let's bring back your Faves and make a poll for the next challenge! Vote for as many themes as you like!
Mostly all are suggestions from Community members, except one, that came from me :)

Of course you can still suggest everything here. Everything from a special movie, to an actor, to a genre, to a technique is welcome. :)

Poll #2112378 Challenge 170

Favorite Theme(s) for Challenge 170

non English Movies
Fight Scenes
movies you can watch over and over
dance movie
Favorite movie sequel/series
Provided Caps
Star Wars

Challenge 169: Provided Font

Challenge 169: Provided Font
This two weeks we will focus on Textwork.

Use these Fonts for your Icons:
Long Ly
Shinny Gums

You can mix and match - you can use one or all Fonts, you can also use other Fonts, but the main focus must be on the provided ones.

I hope you get the clue ;)
Something unclear? Feel free to speak up in the comments.

- Submissions must include which movies/films you wish to portray AND which actor/actress you choosed
- Use your own caps

- Tag your entries with the challenge # and your maker tag (ask for a tag if one hasn't been created for you)
- Submit exactly 5 icons for this challenge
- Icons must 100x100 and less than 40k
- Animation is not allowed.
- Icons must be in .png or .jpg
- Icons should be original (new and not previously posted) and made by you for the challenge.
- Don't forget to have fun!

Deadline: Saturday, July 10th, 12 pm in your time zone